Friday, September 19, 2008

Rascal Flatts "Bob That Head" Tour

Here are Me & Laura at the Rascal Flatts "Bob That Head" Concert.
It was an awesome show!

This was how Rascal Flatts came out (below). It was so cool!

Below is a little girl that Gary pulled up on the stage. He had her wave to the crowd.
She was so cute!

Below is Gary...

Below is Jay...

Below is Joe Don...

I was truly blown away at these guys (below). They climbed up those little ladders and set in those chairs that you can see on top of the rails. They were there for the whole concert moving the big lights around. I told Laura that they couldn't pay me enough to do that job!

I didn't get as good of shots of Taylor, her lighting wasn't as good as Rascal Flatts'. I had to take pictures of the big screens to get a good one of her.

She put on an EXCELLENT show as well.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My Husband's Birthday Gift

I told my husband that I didn't want him to buy me anything this year for my birthday. I just wanted to take some pictures of him. We did this Sunday before Laura and Matt's cookout. He posed in the hot sun wearing a cowboy hat, jeans and boots. That means much more to me than a gift that money buys. You can see more of these pictures on my other blog page,

Birthday Weekend Recap

Well, I had a wonderful birthday weekend! I have some pictures to show what all went on...

Saturday night we went to a cookout at my friend Scott's house. My birthday was the 29th and his was the 31st so we celebrated together. The above picture is his dog, Jessie. Jessie is the first dog that I have ever seen that is deaf. One time Jessie ran off and Scott didn't know how he would find him - yelling for him wouldn't help. He is a very loveable dog. You will see his LITTLE brother Jack in a little while.

This is my baby Holly playing fetch with her daddy.

My Man chillin'

The above picture is my friend Jennifer and her boyfriend, Neal. They came over Friday for taco salads and some movies. It was a great time. If you can hang out with Jenn and not have fun then you are truly a drag!

Sunday we went to my cousin's house for a cookout and some cornhole. Above is her youngest trying to help Uncle Po play cornhole.

Above is my niece playing at the cookout.

Above is Jack (Jessie's LITTLE brother)

Above is my Dad and Matt (My cousin's husband)

This is my cousin's oldest. He looks like he is up to something...

This is my other niece, she was our little cornhole bag collector!

Laura's youngest driving his truck!

This is Matt's cat. His name is Jackson. He is very beautiful!

This is my daddy enjoying the game. Of course he was, he beat us all!!

Daddy concentrating...

This is my cousin Laura and my step-mom Gean.

My husband chillin' out and enjoying the game.

It was a great weekend surrounded by friends and family. Another year full of blessings.