Friday, August 22, 2008

The Greatest Gift

I decided to share another one of my poems with you guys today. I wrote this back in my days of longing for a child of my own. It is kind of a Christmas poem, but hey, it is just around the corner you know. Enjoy...

The Greatest Gift
They had always dreamed of being parents one day
The day God would send a little blessing their way
They prayed everyday for this miracle to come true
To live the life that so many others already do

He longed to be a father and her a mother
But the longing never affected their love for each other
If it never happened, it would be okay
They had each other to get by each day…

Christmas was coming and their was shopping to do
Sara was looking for the perfect gift and Matt was too
They knew that this year had to be the best
That was when Sara decided to buy a pregnancy test

This was the year that they were married 10 years
The thought of becoming a mother brought her to tears
She took the test home and prayed with all her might
That she would get to tell Matt she was pregnant tonight

Matt searched the mall and found what he was looking for
It was the perfect gift and came from the jewelry store
A band of 10 diamonds - one to represent each year,
That he spent with the woman he loved so dear

Matt arrived home to candles lit and the tree aglow
He kissed his wife and told her he loved her so
She said, “I love you too” with tears in her eyes
She told him to sit down for she had a surprise

“Not until I give you this” Matt replied as he held out his hand
She gently opened the package and found the sparkling band
Tears filled her eyes and a smile came upon her face
She stood up wringing her hands and then began to pace

“Thank you so much for the beautiful ring,
For your undying love and for everything.
I too have a surprise for you tonight
I had to tell you when the time was right.”

With those words she handed him his surprise
He opened the box and then looked into her eyes
“I told you this year was going to the best”
Inside the box lay a positive pregnancy test

They kissed and cried and held each other tight
For their miracle finally came true this Christmas Eve night
“What we have is special and can’t be found in any mall,
Because knowing you’re in love with me, is the greatest gift of all.”

Matt kissed her again after he spoke the words so true
She kissed him back and whispered, “Oh, I love you”
They sat on the couch and gazed into the sparkling Christmas treeAs they both dreamed about how great their next Christmas will be.

Sherri Kaye
November 11, 2005

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Tammy said...

Beautiful. May it be like that one day for you.