Monday, December 8, 2008

Winter Memories - "Reflections"


Everyday I take the time to thank God for the blessings He has given me

Usually for things like my family, my job, my home and for a man who loves me

But it seems more lately I have come to appreciate the things I used to consider small

Things like the sun shining through the trees and the turning of the leaves in the fall

These are things that are taken for granted as a child, but are appreciated as you grow older

I think of these things as reflections of God’s love, even now as it is turning colder

Never again will I dread the cold weather, this year I couldn’t wait for it to start

I see reflections of my man putting his arms around me warming my body and my heart

I used to see snow as a burden affecting the routine of everyone’s day

Now when I see snow, I see reflections of childhood memories outside at play

Memories of snowball fights, snow angels, and building snowmen to name a few

Catching snowflakes on my tongue and when my parents would come out to play too

Now as the Christmas season is drawing near I feel an inner peace I have never felt before

I see reflections of the beauty in every ornament, every light, and every wreath on every door

The Christmas music that I can't get enough of because it warms my heart with every beat

I feel the spirit of Christmas in the air and I see it in the smiles of the people I meet

I think of Christmas and I see reflections of family gatherings and love in the air

Special times with the ones you love especially those back when Granny was still there

People smiling as they open their gifts that were given to them from someone they love

And being taught to appreciate the fact that the true meaning of Christmas comes from above

It has taken me a long time to notice and appreciate the small things in life, but now I do

If you look hard enough even the smallest things will show a reflection of something special to you

I have come to a point where I look for those things and wait for the memories that will appear

And as I enjoy those memories I never forget to thank God for those “reflections” I hold so dear

Sherri K. Back
December 4, 2003

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