Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Brennan!

January 26 was my nephew, Brennan's 4th birthday. His mom & dad had a little get-together to celebrate.

Make a wish!

Below is Brennan's little cousin, Lilly. I just love her curls!

Brennan & Logan (his little brother) enjoying the delicious spiderman birthday cake.

Looks like Lilly was too tired to finish her cake...

Logan may have got a little more on him than in his belly...

Below is Brennan's Nana, Grumps & Uncle Po

Below is Lilly playing with the balloons, as you can see by looking at her mommy, she has a little brother that will be here any day!

Lilly & Grumps

Below is Brennan's Mommy, Aunt Emily & Aunt Elaine.

And below is little Owen (Lilly's baby brother) he was born on January 27.
Another little bundle of joy for Aunt Sherri to love!
It is hard to believe that our little Brennan is now 4 years old! It seems like only yesterday that he was born. Our family keeps growing and growing and I am loving every minute of it.
The more children for me to love, the better!
Happy Birthday Brennan!

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E said...

Awww, what a sweety-pie!!!

When you get a minute, go to my "Scottsville" blog and see what you think of the maternity pictures I took yesterday. I was really nervous, but I think they turned out pretty good. =0)