Thursday, June 26, 2008

Angel in Disguise

Good Morning! It is a beautiful Thursday morning, or as I would like to call it, "Friday Eve" and I am feeling pretty good. My Mom came in to the hospital today to have an ultrasound done. About a month ago, she was diagnosed with a blood clot in her leg and since then she has been on blood thinners and having to have routine ultrasounds to check on the status of the clot (to see if it is moving or dissolving). Well, after today's ultrasound the clot is gone! I am so thankful to hear that. God is good. She is so excited and is hoping that the doctor will take her off of the blood thinners soon. She has an appointment with him tomorrow so we will see.

Well, so far my husband's job seems to be going well. He said they were really busy yesterday at lunchtime. I drove by there today on my way to work and they were already packed. I am sure that he isn't even going to have time to set down much today between breakfast and lunch. It is so wonderful to live close to where we work again. I can be home in 15 minutes and he can be home in 2. This is really nice in the mornings. I get up at the same time I did when I lived 45 minutes from work so I have extra time in the morning for making my bed, doing odd & end household chores, playing with our dog, and just "waking up". I then get ready for work and leave in plenty of time to get there so, no rushing. Then, when I get home (in 15 minutes) all of the housework is done so I come home to a clean house. He gets off a half hour before me so he is usually home before me unless he stays to visit with some of the regulars before he leaves. In either case we are both home before 5:15 and have the rest of the afternoon/night together. This is very special to me considering at his last job we had no "at-home" time together except for Sunday and it was spent running around doing our shopping and visiting family so we still didn't have any "at-home" time. I am so happy to be back into a "routine" way of life and to be back in my hometown surrounded by my family and friends.

Since I mentioned my Mom this morning, I will share with you a poem I wrote about her...

"Angel in Disguise"

God created mothers to love and nurture us
And gave them strength to endure without making a fuss
Beautiful Angels sent from above
Disguised as mothers to fill our hearts with love

My mom gives me love that has no end
She is not only my mother but also my friend
And when God blesses me with a child of my own
I hope my love is like hers, the best I’ve ever known

I remember standing in front of her looking in the mirror as she put on her make-up. She would always let me put a little on myself.
I remember thinking how beautiful she was as I tried my best to do it just the way she did.
Sometimes she would catch me watching her and would look at me through the mirror and say “Here’s looking at you kid”.
Never, since then, have I seen someone more beautiful than she was during those moments.

It’s amazing how much love you can have for your mother. There is no end to what I would do for her.
She loved me before I was born and I will love her until I die.
I love you “Pretty Lady”

Sherri Kaye
December 5, 2003

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VictoriousMommy said...

That is such good news about your mom.....God is good!