Thursday, June 19, 2008

Getting Settled

Well, I have gotten down to 1 room left to finish in my new apartment. I am down to the living room now. I plan on going home to finish it up and do all the final touches throughout the rest of the place tonight. I will be so happy to come home tomorrow afternoon and just enjoy a night on the couch relaxing with my hubby!

He has been so wonderful the last couple of weeks. He is in between jobs right now and I tell you if I could afford it, he would be a stay-at-home husband! He has done all of the things on his "honey-do" list (and many extras that I didn't even have on there), he has cooked supper every night, washed both of our vehicles, kept the laundry up and has gotten up with me every morning to see me off to work; he even went to the grocery store today and picked me up from work to take me out to lunch. Wow! I wish I made double my salary...that man would be home everyday. God has truly blessed me with a good man.

Well, I didn't get to blog until late today and it is almost time to clock out, so until tomorrow...

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