Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I Remember…
Memories of a “Daddy’s Girl”

God gave us a Daddy to love and admire,
Someone who loves you so much that he would walk through fire.
A strong man so kind and so true,
The one man in your life who will always be there for you.

I remember being small and thinking there was nothing he could not do,
He could go to work, mow the yard, and still have time for me too.
I was his little girl, the one he sprayed with a water hose in the back yard,
When it came to spending time with me, he was never too tired.

I remember Saturday trips looking for new shoes,
Playing games with him and he would never let me lose.
I was “Daddy’s Girl” and this I could not deny,
And Daddy thought the same of me; I was the light of his eye.

I remember all the thought he put into putting together my toys,
And how strict he was when it came to hanging out with boys.
“I got a mean shotgun” to them he would say,
It was “Don’t hurt my little girl” just put in a different way.

I remember the year he bought me my first ten-speed bike,
He tried to be sneaky when he asked me what colors I liked.
And the stereo he bought me for Christmas that one year,
When I woke up to Bon Jovi playing in my ear.

I remember telling him “Daddy he’s the one”,
And him telling me, “Honey your future has just begun”.
Daddy knew he loved me even from the start,
And he trusted this boy with his little girl’s heart.

I remember, him crying the day he walked me down the aisle,
As he thought that his little girl was no longer a child.
I remember thinking as my new husband slipped on my ring,
I may have found my prince charming, but you Daddy will always be my king.

Many years have passed and I still feel the same,
I will always be “Daddy’s Girl” the only thing that changed was my name.
My Daddy is so special and he means the world to me,And because of that, “Daddy’s Girl” is what I will always be.

Sherri Kaye
October 20, 2003

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