Monday, June 23, 2008

Sherri K Photography

Well, first I would like to begin by telling you that I finally have my apartment all settled. I finished it on Friday so I was able to spend the weekend relaxing with my husband and our dog Holly. Thank you God for the strength to get it all done in one week.

I would also like to announce the addition of "Sherri K Photography" to my blog page. Taking pictures is my favorite pastime and is something I would love to do one day as a profession. I have taken several pictures of nature/scenery, weddings and some portraits too. I have not included any of the wedding pictures or portraits, other than the ones of my husband, because I have not asked for their permission to post them on my blog page. I will periodically add more photographs for you to view and I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoy taking them. Although I enjoy taken portraits, my heart is truly inspired by God's artwork (nature). There is something so serene about a still lake or a quiet forest that just relaxes me so. I feel the closest to God in the outdoors. He has surrounded us in beauty; if we only take the time to look.

My husband has started his new job this morning. I hope things will work out with it. I am concerned about our finances, but I know God will provide. Heavenly Father, I pray that you bless my husband as he starts his new job this morning. I ask that you give him patience as this can be a high-paced job. Give him strength Father to do his job and do it well. Please bless us financially Father. In Jesus' Holy and Wonderful Name I Pray...Amen.

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VictoriousMommy said...

You take such beautiful pictures. And that husband of yours.....whoo whoo what a hottie! :-)